There’s so much to say about my time with this human who became so special to me. I know that I will never be the same again. I need to hold these memories close and write more when my mind quiets down. I already miss him so. But there’s one image that I have locked in my mind. At a party after the huge party, in the desert, sitting on the edge of the crowd, watching people be people, firelight illuminated his face and he was looking at me with that crazy and beautiful red hair going wild and a half smile on his face and he looked so happy and so incredibly beautiful. That’s the moment I think about when I think of him. That image is locked in my memory forever. I will say that I kissed his lips 4 days ago and then walked away. I give the love I have to the desert winds and let it sail.last supper2bustin

About palinor

Dream Weaver and Mischief Maker
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