I feel the pull to the open road. I’m supposed to be living in San Diego until May. I can do 4 months somewhere solid right? Incredible house, good friends, all the sunshine I could ever ask for. I get this and in the next moment I crave snow and storms, the cold that I need to wear layers, fire places and hot chocolate. I wonder if I will ever be satiated in this life. If I could ever call someplace ‘home’ again. I like the ‘idea’ of home. It would be nice to get everything out of my storage unit and see what I own. I’d really like to find that dress I’ve been looking for (it’s been a year long search, albeit a lazy one).To lay on my own bed instead of patting it fondly every couple of months or so.
But . . .
Then when I get close to having a home I turn and run. Bound for the open road again. Right now I have a dresser. It’s actually the first time I’ve unpacked a bag in a while. But it’s only temporary. Only until May. Then I’m loose again on the wind. So many places call my heart. The mountains, the ocean, unexplored countries, friends, family, and that special someone who’s become dear to me. So many options and then yet again not enough.I don’t really know where I’m going or how I’m getting there. What I do know is that I’m going and thats the adventure that drives me. So I will continue to wander, to laugh, sometimes cry, and maybe fall in love. And climb mountains . . there will always be mountains


About palinor

Dream Weaver and Mischief Maker
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